The role Application Management helps to determine the success factors of the business represented by the efficiency and flexibility of the application domain IT. Advant accompanies the customer clearly identifying the needs by offering effective technological architectures: the technological setting modernization, application refactoring, a standardization.

The challenge is first to demonstrate the recognizable value of IT in business and working for its strategic repositioning within the company. This presupposes the ability of the development process management and software management in the developed and evolved manner, while reducing the costs and complexity of the application environment through its rationalization, thus making it more efficient IT infrastructure in the broadest sense wide. Key factor can be represented by the adoption of new delivery models characterized by flexibility and modularity, openness to innovation, as well as the emergence of new forms of contracts and pricing.

Advant fielding experience to draw with clients the most appropriate organizational models, providing better services through the adoption of Best Practice and universally recognized standards (ITIL).