We are living an era when the Internet economy is revolutionizing the world of business, government and society in general. We are seeing the continuous birth and evolution of new markets that mediate the sale of goods and services within the Global network, the new types of customer / supplier relationships (producer / consumer) are reshaping virtually every sector of the economy, they are constantly writing new rules (offers, contracts, modes of use of the goods / services) while it is still wet l ‘ ink yesterday.

Competition is intensifying, geographical boundaries have dissolved by now, in the presence of such an abundance of choices and expectations of instant gratification, customers are becoming less loyal and more demanding. The new business imperative is to be more rapid, agile and, fundamentally, smarter.


Data, information, intelligence. What is the difference between them? The data is raw and unadorned; They have such a record in a transactional database that records the purchase of a certain product. The information data are accompanied, to some extent, from a context and a meaning for example of an economic nature. Are filtered data, synthesized and aggregated, the business user depart from the raw data and, using their knowledge of the business, filter it, order it, they give it a priority and have thus turning them into information. A critical mass of individuals who share the same knowledge in a business process becomes a force with exceptional power. The intelligence within an organization is given then by aspects of collaboration and information sharing (sharing intelligence) in an analytical context of trans-departmental where the different business functions share goals and know-how. Business Intelligence uses technology as a means to achieve the goal of increasing the competitive advantage by transforming data into information and knowledge through a consistent design with respect to functional requirements and existing technology infrastructure. Agile development processes enable you to get the first results in less time, within an evolutionary growth path, which, in a context of overall reliability, guarantees the quality of results and the development of customized and innovative analysis.

Advant makes available to customers the various professionals is necessary to achieve the company’s business intelligence platform, both to facilitate the cultural change that directs towards the maximization of the exploitation of the company’s information assets in so-called Intelligence Sharing mode:

  • Identification of scenarios of use and analysis in most end user value
  • Implementation of the company’s data warehouse
  • Implementation of the main business intelligence technologies (Oracle BI, Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, Microstrategy, SAS, Board, Qlik, SpagoBI, Pentaho, JasperSoft)
  • BI Mobile
  • Business intelligence solution in cloud


Intervention areas